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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Book Reviews on Amazon

Just to share....for approximately two years now, I've been reviewing almost all of the books I read on I like doing this for several reasons:
  • It makes me *think* about what I read
  • It gives me practical writing practice
  • I like seeing my thoughts posted on a well-known site
  • It gives a good book a boost in the ratings, and warns others away from the stinkers
  • I can share my opinions....something I'm very, very good at!

While I never profess to be a master writer, I do enjoy the reviewing process. I like forcing myself to come up with new adjectives...I tend to find myself in a rut using the words "engaged" and "characterization" over and over if I don't force myself to think and explore. I also like sharing the reviews with my online friends, who in general are quite supportive and give me lots of "yes" votes to stroke my ego, LOL. But I seriously would rather receive a "no" vote that's honest than a "yes" one just for the sake of seeing it. The only thing that really annoys me is when I review a YA novel and I receive a "no" vote based on what I perceive is my honest review not being appreciated by a rabid fan of the book. For example, any of the Princess Diaries books I've reviewed---invariably someone gives me a "no" and I can't help but believe it's because I didn't gratuitously give the book 5 stars. But then again, maybe they just didn't like it and I need to accept it!

Here's a link to my latest review for Beverly Swerling's City of Glory. Right this minute my review is the only one posted, though I know that will shortly change. Anyway, if you scroll down to the review by Tamela McCann (or taminator1), you'll see a link to "See all my reviews" that will let you look at some of the others I've done.

I try to be honest in what I write, and I don't faun unnecessarily. If my opinion is drastically different than the others posted, I may reevaluate where I was in my life when I wrote the review, but I never change my rating. It is what it is, and it reflects my taste.

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