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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Sunday Nite Thoughts

Sunday nites are good. I like the feeling of getting everything ready for the week. I also hate them because it means my weekend is officially over....and lately all these band functions have really kept my down time to a minimum. Ah, well, only a month to go........

I finally finished a book! I finished Widow of the South by Robert Hicks. I've rated it a 6/10. I'm disappointed in this one. I was excited to see Thomas Cartwright acknowledged as one of the sources for the book, since I met him many years ago at Carter House and he's probably one of the most knowledgeable Civil War experts around. but this book just rambled.....I can't help but wonder what Carrie McGavock's heirs think of her portrayal.

I'm sick of being old. My body is falling apart. I hate this. Why can't I magically snap my fingers and make everything all right?

Life at Croft is tense. I think Barry needs a reality check.

Jeff is off all this week for fall break. Do I get a fall break? No, of course not. Then he made a sarcastic remark when I asked him to clean out the storage area. I hate that. He thinks everything in the house is my responsibility. Well, he's got another think coming!

That's it for today.....enjoy your week!

Thought for the day:

A word after a word after a word is power. ~Margaret Atwood

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Taylor said...

Interesting read, I'm always wanting a longer weekend too. The last good book I read was a Charles Bukowski book called 'South of No North', which is basically about the author getting pretty loaded and wandering around having a good time. Interesting blog, I checked it out because I also enjoy U2, and was the 'Bono' in a U2 tribute band a couple of years ago. Drop by my blog if you like, feel free to post a comment, I'm pretty new at this kind of thing, but it seems to be fun.

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