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Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Replaced

The Replaced picks up with Kyra wondering what's happened to Tyler after leaving him for the aliens to take and, hopefully, cure. She's back at the camp with Simon and the others when word comes in that a young man has been taken to the Daylighters' headquarters, and Kyra's convinced it must be Tyler. A major rescue mission is launched and Kyra discovers even more frightening facts about herself and her abilities, all while looking for Tyler's Return.

There's more, of course, but unwilling to do spoilers, I'll be careful with any more information. Kyra's desperation to find Tyler fuels most of the book, and there's another side to the story when they end up at a camp where Thom and Simon used to live and work. Run by Griffin, Kyra's instantly skeptical and oppositional in her new home, but she's in for bigger surprises when it becomes apparent that Kyra's not just Returned, she's Replaced. And that has even more dangerous connotations for the group.

What I liked: I love Kyra, and I love her feelings for Tyler. I love that she recognizes her shortcomings but still goes ahead anyway. I loved the whole rescue attempt and the ending especially. The twist of having a spy is good and sets us up for the final book. I'm eager to see what's going to happen next and if Kyra can regain everything she's lost since she came back. She's got some hard truths ahead of her and I can only hope we get the happy ever after ending we want.

What I didn't like: I don't like love triangles, and possible love quadrangles. I don't like being set up for one relationship and then having another maybe, possibly, mean something. Not be spoilery, but Simon bugged the snot out of me the whole time I was reading. Give it a rest already! I also felt like the book dragged at times and maybe it was supposed to since Kyra does spend a good deal of time waiting. I also disliked the whole Griffin scenario; I felt like I was getting a Walking Dead vibe of total power and it just didn't work.

But, yeah, this is a good sequel, and I enjoyed it. The writing is good, and Kyra's voice is strong. I like how some historical events seem to be woven throughout, and I'm eager to see what happens with all of the characters. While it may not have been quite the page turner the first book was, it's still a decent sequel and one that moved the stories along purposefully and creatively.


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