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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I wanted to love Sisters of Blood and Spirit, and honestly, there were parts I really did enjoy. The premise is great--twins, one born dead and the other who still sees, hears, and touches her sister. No one understands how Lark interacts with Wren when Wren is dead, but Lark just knows that her sister has always been a part of her life; indeed, Wren's her best friend (that no one else can see). Eventually it all gets to Lark and she decides she's going to join her sister in the Shadow Lands by committing suicide, but Wren won't allow it and sets up a rescue. It's at this point that the story actually gets going; considered a bit of a freak at school, Lark is surprised when a group of students approach her for help with a problem they've created because it's known that she sees ghosts.

So far, so good. The group has gotten the attention of a long dead ghost from an abandoned psych hospital and they need to get rid of it, pronto. Lark enlists Wren's help because, together, they are stronger and can find out more info. Lark lives with her grandmother who seems to be overly indulgent and kinda clueless at times, though she does support Lark and acknowledges Wren's presence. With all the endangered kids on board, the twins set to work to free them from the malevolent forces of the long dead.'s not bad, and the pages turn fairly quickly because the action is fast. I just didn't like Lark, even with her sad background and her mad ghost-busting skills. It's not her harsh language but her generally cutting attitude and her inability to be nice for any length of time that made me sort of want one of the bad guys to swallow her whole. Wren is more likable in demeanor but still a bit on the odd side. I could see their special relationship building into something really cool but my dislike of Lark sort of ruined it for me. Plus the idea that (possible've been warned so skip ahead now...) ...

...the impossibly hot guys still want to be with such a negative person just rang hollow for me and I didn't believe it. Sure, she might be pretty, but not on the inside. In addition, there were holes in the final "battle" and the resolution big enough to drive a stolen paddy wagon through. No one's gonna notice an open grave with an obviously burned set of remains inside? Uh uh. There also seems to be some confusion between what's a ghost and what's a zombie. Also--how is Wren still aging on the other side? Does everybody continue to age or is it only the Dead Born? So many questions.

So, how did I arrive at 3 stars? Well, it is a good story, and I really liked some of the characters, including Wren, Kevin, and Ben. There's potential for a sequel that I'd probably read because the action was good and I liked the relationship between Lark and Wren. There's a lot of gore but it fits the theme, and I like the whole paranormal aspect. Weighing those factors against what bugged me, I have to say I liked the book more than I disliked the stuff that bugged me. Definitely some problems, but it's still a fast, absorbing read.


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