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Sunday, August 11, 2013


Hey, notice my title? Ha Ha...I can be clever and funny, too. Unfortunately, Rogue is over-packed/padded with this sort of humor, and it doesn't necessarily stand up any better than my feeble attempt.

Don't get me wrong...I loved the first two books in this series and was sorry to see it end. But when I got to this one, it just From the very first pages, it felt like it was missing something. Yes, it still had the snarky humor that is a hallmark of the series, and yes, the setting is unique and smart. But this entire entry just felt padded with way too much extra stuff, most of which could have been whittled down into a book about half its size. There's lots of anguish over what's happening to the Afterlife, what's happening to Lex and Driggs, what needs to happen. There's a bunch of "we've got to get through this obstacle to get to the next obstacle" action, and surprises that really weren't all that surprising. I just grew weary of the forced funniness about halfway through; a book that should have the excitement of protecting the Afterlife and the fun of teenaged hormones just didn't. And while the ending was not what I expected, I do have to say that it was actually different enough that I am left feeling bittersweet and bizarrely hopeful.

Still, there's a good deal to like in Rogue, including Lex coming to terms with herself and the bonds of friendship becoming stronger. I wasn't offended by anything, even the rough language and the sexual situations, but none of it hit an emotional chord with me, either. I just felt that the ultimate solution really didn't resolve anything fully, and there was way too much filler action. I liked Rogue, but didn't love it. And that's my Grim diagnosis.


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