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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Elite

The Elite picks up where The Selection leaves off--America is now part of the Final Six young ladies left vying for the attentions of Prince Maxon. She knows she cares for him, but there is still Aspen, her former boyfriend who is now a palace guard, hovering around and making her decisions next to impossible. Throw in the fact that she doesn't care for a couple of the girls also in the Elite and that the Rebels are closing in, and you've got the set up for this novel.

What's to like? America is refreshing since she doesn't apologize for who she is and where she comes from. Maxon is charming and it's easy to see he should choose America. It's a light, fun novel filled with a sincere voice and an agonizing love triangle--which is actually more of a love septangle if we include the other Elite. There is some danger and several secrets that keep the pages turning.

What's not to like? Well, some of the very things to like are those that make this novel so frustrating. America jumps to conclusions repeatedly and she doubts Maxon so often that I'd like to knock some sense into her. Toward the end, there is a revelation (or two) from Maxon that hits America hard, and she is shocked, though after her actions throughout, she shouldn't be at all. Though the book is about finding a spouse for Maxon, it's easy to see how immature these teens are by what they choose to do and say. And quite honestly, if Rebels could break into the palace so easily, I'm not so sure I'd be trying very hard to become a princess.

The Elite is a fast read and an enjoyable one, though definitely not very deep. Still, it kept my interest quite well and I found it fun and light. I'd actually give it 3.5 stars, but my overall enjoyment will boost it 4.


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