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Friday, April 12, 2013

With All My Soul

What can I say about the Rachel Vincent's awesome ending to her Soul Screamers series, With All My Soul? I simply devoured it, staying up past my bedtime to finish it off last night. What an excellent, creative ending to a series that has just gotten better with each new entry.

This last novel in the series opens with Emma inside a new body, and Kaylee still trying to figure out how to put a stop to hellion Avari's evil ways. When the parents of three of the group are taken into the Netherworld, the gang of high school students pull out all the stops in order to obtain their safe return. Kaylee ends up toying with yet another hellion, Ira, and trying to avoid a deal with the devil. How it all plays out is both awful and perfect.

With All My Soul has plenty of very deep moments, and emotions are raw and rampant throughout. I especially loved the interactions between Kaylee and Tod; those two are perfect together, but all the other couples seem well matched, too. There are a few times when the action seems slow, but in actuality, it is necessary for the build to the climax. I really cannot say anything bad about this book, or indeed, the entire series; Ms. Vincent has written a solid set of novels that come very highly recommended from this reviewer.


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