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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

T Is For Titanic

It's not hard to ascertain what the subject of this children's book's a short primer on the great ship Titanic, of course, told in alphabetic style and a bit of rhyme. Each letter of the alphabet is represented by some fact about the liner (I was particularly impressed with "X": it was actually used as points on the map that shows the crossing and where it sank). Some of the choices are very interesting indeed, such as E being for Elevator (3 for the first class and 1 for the second class), and D being for Dogs (11 on board, including 4 that survived!). Each letter is accompanied by a short rhyme describing its signifcance to the ship, as well as a fuller paragraph of explanation and trivia. Good fun!

My only concern is that the binding of the book wasn't as strong as it should be, with the threads holding it together highly visible. I suspect with much use the book would fall apart easily as it did not seem very sturdy even upon my first reading. Other than that, however, this book is a good introduction to the historical tragedy that doesn't weigh a younger reader down with too many morbid facts. It's a good addition to the collection of any Titanic buff.

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