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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Soul to Steal

In Book 4 of the Soul Screamers series, Kaylee, our resident bean sidhe, is rebounding after the betrayal of boyfriend Nash, who had become hooked on Demon's Breath in the previous book. Nash sold some of his memories of Kaylee in order to score for his addiction, as well as allowing a hellion to enter her body, and while Kaylee realizes it was the drug in charge, it's very hard for her to work past the feelings of hurt. Nash is penitent, willing to do whatever he can to keep Kaylee from pushing him away; that is, until Sabine, ex-flame and literally a Living Nightmare, arrives in town and all hell breaks loose.

My Soul to Steal is very much about Kaylee's desire to be with Nash but her unwillingness to risk his possible relapse into the dangers of addiction; her constant waffling on whether or not it's wise to be with him almost makes the book founder at times because you just want her to make up her mind once and for all. What doesn't help is the seductive, determined Sabine, Nash's first love and the one he lost his virginity to; Sabine won't take no for an answer, and Nash, while seeming uninterested in rekindling the romance, does seem to need Sabine's friendship desperately since she understands what he's going through. Meanwhile, as Kaylee is in turmoil over Sabine, it becomes apparent that a hellion is once again on the loose and Eastlake High School is its target. When three teachers die and a host of wild behavior begins, it's easy to blame Sabine; but Alec (saved in the last book from the evil clutches of Avari), also seems involved. When danger threatens Emma, Kaylee's best friend, it's time to head back into the Netherworld.

This entry in the series is a page turner, with Ms. Vincent giving a very realistic look at high school relationships (even if living Nightmares and hellions are involved...wait, doesn't that describe high school perfectly? lol). Kaylee's conflicted feelings are normal yet annoying, and Sabine is the perfect catalyst to force Kaylee into deciding whether or not she really wants to get back together with Nash. While Tod is often the hero and the voice of reason, I'm beginning to get a vibe that perhaps he has deeper feelings for Kaylee than he'd previously let on. Well constructed and absorbing, My Soul to Steal is a solid story that has me ready to grab Book Five as soon as it's available.


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