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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Goodnight Tweetheart!

Let me declare myself a fan of Teresa Medeiros for ages, though I admit that I've mostly just read her historical romances. But when reading buddies I trust implicitly began lauding Goodnight Tweetheart, I decided I'd have to give it a go. I expected it to be light and fun, full of wit; what I didn't expect was to become so wrapped up in the lives of the two characters that I stayed up way later than I should have in order to finish this delightful story.

Abby Donovan is one of the "chosen": her debut novel was selected by Oprah for her book club a few years back, resulting in fame and fortune and incredibly high expectations for her second novel. Abby, however, finds herself filled with doubt about her abilities and cannot get past Chapter Five in her next book, but she gamely goes along with her publicist's idea to "get out there" by using a Twitter account. What she didn't expect was to begin a friendship with one Mark Baynard, a follower who offers to show her the ins and outs of tweeting. Mark's a professor on sabbatical, and through their 140 character interactions, Abby discovers the faraway places Mark is visiting and also how she's been allowing her fears to hold her back. Filled with flirtation and humor, the pair's tweets soon lead them to "date", but is it possible that all isn't as it seems?

I loved this book! What might have started out light and silly quickly evolved into much deeper, more complicated emotions as Abby and Mark begin sharing more levels of friendship. Once the "twist" was revealed, I was absolutely hooked. This book will have you laughing and crying, and breathlessly racing alongside Abby on her journeys of self-discovery. Loved it, loved it, loved it, and can highly recommend it.

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