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Monday, January 31, 2011

I Think I Love You...

well...not YOU, exactly, or not in that way (not that there's anything wrong with that!). More like Allison Pearson's delightful new novel, I Think I Love You, which chronicles the story of thirteen year old Petra's obsession with the ever delicious David Cassidy in 1974. I, too, confess that while I was not 13 in 1974 (more like eleven if you must know), I had a crush on the gorgeousy Mr. Cassidy and was a faithful viewer of The Partridge Family. It was this shared love of all things David that inspired me to read this novel, and a thoroughly enjoyable read it was. So enjoyable, in fact, that I pulled out my Partridge Family's Greatest Hits CD (yes, I have it, and no, I'm not ashamed, damnit!) and put some of my faves on my iPod. And I still know all the words! I may not know where my keys are, but somewhere in my cluttered brain, the lyrics to all those songs live and come spilling forth with the first notes.

Below is my review of I Think I Love You: I must hand it to Ms. Pearson, as she got all the details correct that my eleven year old brain held most dear. Even after I moved on to Dave's younger brother Shaun, I still held a soft spot for those first pangs of idolatry. Apparently Ms. Pearson realizes this as well.
We first meet Petra Williams in 1974 when she's an awkward thirteen year old trying to fit into her social group, much like any thirteen year old might be today. Though it's set in Wales, it could be anywhere; it's one of those identifiable tales that doesn't take you long to have your heading nodding along with recognition.

Petra's so ordinary it's painful, and she knows it. And even though she feels like an interloper into her group of friends, her common ground comes in the form of idolatry of teen heartthrob David Cassidy. She and her friends read all the mags and hang on every word and song of the idol, and when a concert is announced in London, they scheme for a way to finally meet their guy. Petra's determined to meet David; she enters a contest for that purpose but she doesn't win...or so she thinks until she discovers a letter among her mother's things many years later.

Divided in two parts, we follow Petra and buddy Sharon through their desperation to meet David Cassidy as young teens and then we see them many years later after Petra's mother has passed away and life has handed out its usual assortments of good and evil. While I adored the young Petra (and knew the author got those David facts *perfect* on earth did I remember his birthday is April 12? Oh yeah, it's on the cover of the album Up To Date!)I was eager for the story to progress to the point of the concert/contest. But that's only a minor quibble in a story that's fun and a perfect echo of a time I remember fondly. Quite a good deal of fun, actually; it evokes feelings and memories in me that still has me smiling.


Nanci said...

Oh, this sounds like fun! I shall have to seek it out.

Marg said...

I just picked this one up from the library! I do have a soft spot for novel titles that come with their own musical soundtrack!