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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I'll Mature When I'm Dead

I love Dave Barry. For years now he's made me laugh so hard that I often found myself crying, and I'm always happy whenever I see that he's got a new book out. I originally bought I'll Mature When I Dead "for my husband", knowing full well I'd pick it up the minute his back was turned. Of course I did, and of course it once again had me in stitches; ever try reading a Dave Barry book late at night while your spouse is asleep? It's dang near impossible to stay quiet when the laughter is bubbling up and spilling out.
I'll Mature When I'm Dead features 18 essays by the incomparable Dave on such mature themes as dance recitals (nailed it!), technology, the healthcare crisis, colonoscopies (okay, I'll get one eventually), and dog ownership. All but the essay on colonoscopies are brand new, and it's very apparent that Dave hasn't lost his irreverent, slightly wacky sense of humor. What makes him so funny, though, is how identifiable he is; we've all been there, done that, and oftentimes it's as though he's writing the thoughts we only wish we could share. His "novella" parody of Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse is a riot and dead on.
Even had I not loved Dave Barry for eons, I would be more than happy to recommend this short book. If you can read all the way through without spontaneously bursting out in belly-felt laughter, there is something wrong with you. Seriously. It's a guaranteed pick-me-up with Dave in rare form. So what are you waiting for?

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Andi said...

I was tickled to see a Dave Barry essay on my Nook when I got it! The "Getting to Know Your Nook" essay is really hilarious, and it was my first Barry experience. Will definitely seek out more.