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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bone Crossed by Mercy Thompson

In Bone Crossed, Mercy Thompson is back, still suffering the aftereffects of the events of the last novel but trying to get on with her life. Unfortunately, Marsilia, the mistress of the local vampire seethe, has discovered the truth of what happened to her vampire Quinn, and she's not pleased. To prove the point, Marsilia has tortured Mercy's vamp friend Stefan almost to the point of death, and then sent him to Mercy, thinking Stefan will kill Mercy. But Stefan's will is stronger than Marsilia counted on, and Mercy, given the directive to run, does so--and finds herself entangled with yet another vampire, a zombie, and several ghosts. Will Mercy be able to extricate herself from both Marsilia's revenge and the new threat posed by a rival vampire? I plunged head first into Bone Crossed, reading quickly and enjoying myself immensely. Mercy, usually strong and forthright, finds herself tempered by panic attacks brought on by her experiences in Iron Kissed, though her refusal to give in to them reinforces my positive opinion of her ability to heal. The relationship between Adam and Mercy also takes a major step in Bone Crossed, and not with entirely good results. And as always, Mercy's sympathetic nature for others leads her, for good or for ill, to forge ahead, knowing the worst may happen but unable to let things go. Bone Crossed is, as usual for the Mercy Thompson novels, action-packed and filled with all the characters we've come to know over the course of the first three books. The relationship between Stefan and Mercy becomes very complicated; I was intrigued enough to wonder what might happen next between the two while still rooting for Adam and Mercy to be together. Certainly Ms. Briggs has developed the relationships so well that no matter what, I'll be looking forward eagerly to the next installment. With characters as strong as these, it's impossible not to be hooked. Recommended!

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