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Friday, November 28, 2008

Once a LOTR Fan, Always a LOTR Fan

I first saw The Fellowship of the Ring in the theatre in January 2002, about a month after it came out. I hadn't read the books at that point, but I knew I'd probably like it since I was a big Harry Potter fan and this seemed similar in some respects. I had no idea, however, just how much I'd love not only the first movie, but the following two. Well cast, well acted, fairly true to the books (which I did read, btw), with some of the best fight scenes ever filmed and wonderfully quotable lines ("Don't talk to it; don't encourage it" has been our mantra about the elder daughter since seeing The Two Towers). Anyway, TNT is showing the trilogy this weekend, beginning tonight with Fellowship of the Ring (Jeff's favorite), followed by The Two Towers tomorrow night (Hannah's favorite), and concluding with Return of the King (mine and Katherin's favorite) on Sunday. And yes, I'll be watching all three again. And I'm sure once again I'll be amazed at Peter Jackson's vision and ability to bring to life a world I wish I could inhabit.


Elizabeth Chadwick said...

Yes, I think I need to get out my extended editions for a wallow! I had read the book but the films blew me away. I was also lucky enough to see the exhibition when it came to London, including the fabulous costumes. The detail that went into them that you just never see in the film is indicative of how much thought and care - and love - they put into the production. 'It comes in pints,' is one of our phrases from the film.

Kris said...

oh..I missed them..might have to rent from netflix so I can watch them again.

I's amazing just how well Peter Jackson did with the films. I had read the books years ago, when I was but a wee little girl, but still remembered the story and loved seeing them come to life.

Les said...

I love this entire series. The best, however, is watching all the extra bonus material on the DVD set. Hours and hours worth! And, yes, I've watched it all many times. Peter Jackson is a genius! Plus, you get to see all the behind-the-scenes stuff with Viggo. ;)