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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Enchantress From the Stars

I first read Sylvia Engdahl's fantastic fantasy novel, The Far Side of Evil, when I was in sixth grade. For years I never saw the book afterwards, but I remembered the details from it vividly. Only after I discovered the wonderful world of book lovers connected by the internet was I able to locate a copy of it and reread it a few years ago. It was just as good the second time around; a true feat when you consider that I was 12 when I first read it. So when I discovered that there was yet another novel set in the same time and world, Enchantress From the Stars, and found that many of my online friends even preferred it to TFSOE, I was anxious to read it and see for myself. Having just finished it, I can say that I did indeed enjoy it, but TFSOE will always remain my favorite of the two. This one is different in tone, probably more for a younger audience. I did enjoy the way the novel flowed between points of view, and I liked how there was a fairly large twist towards the end. Engdahl is an excellent writer, and I feel comfortable recommending this one to all lovers of fantasy. Also, finishing this novel makes it my #11 completion in my tbr_challenge quest for 2007! One more to go, which I'm picking up tonight. My amazon review can be found at


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