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Monday, August 29, 2005

Thoughts on Being a Mom and other stuff

Quote for the day:

"The book has been man's greatest triumph. Seated in my library, I live in a time machine. In an instant I can be transmitted to any era, any part of the world, even to outer space. I have lived in every period of history. I have listened to Buddah speak, marched with Alexander, sailed with the Vikings, ridden in canoes with the Polynesians. I have been at the courts of Queen Elizabeth and Louis XIV; I have been a friend to Captain Nemo and sailed with Captain Bligh on the 'Bounty'. I have walked in the agora with Plato, and listened to Jesus deliver the Sermon on the Mount. Best of all, I can do it again, at any moment. The books are there. I have only to reach up to the shelves and take them down to relive the moments I have loved."---Louis L'Amour

Things That Are Hard About Being a Mom:

  • Knowing just how they feel and not being able to do a thing about it
  • Listening to the continuous complaining
  • Knowing you are making the best choice but maybe not the easiest
  • Wondering if the eldest dd is ever going to feel close enough to confide in me (I'm doubtful at this point--and insanely jealous of her friends' moms because they seem to have daughters who enjoy being with them)
  • Having eldest dd's friends like you but not sure if she does (and why should I care at this point if she likes me? I'm her mom, for goodness sakes, not her friend)
  • Having to tell them to do the same stuff over and over and over and over
  • Listening to the two of them arguing and hearing the eldest be mean to the youngest
  • Watching the youngest struggle to make friends at times

Things That Are Good About Being a Mom

  • Seeing them grow up into nice, normal kids
  • Not having to worry about whether or not they do their homework or if they behave in school
  • Having other people tell you how great your kids are
  • Hearing them tell you that they love you, even after being mad at you just minutes before
  • Having one young enough to still think it's great to draw a picture for you

Daily Thoughts for August 29, 2005

I am so ill with the people who are designing our new school website. They pushed and pushed me to get our site together and now they drag their heels whenever I need a change. They seem to think they know best which just annoys the hell out of me. Still I question them because that's what I do. They may not like it, but I'm not going away anytime soon so they'd better get used to it. :)

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